I love to teach, and have experience teaching economics at both the high school and college level.  At an urban high school featured on Good Morning America, I introduced economics using experimental techniques into an interactive mathematics classroom.  I then continued to utilize experimental methods in the college classroom as a way to enhance participatory learning.  My methods have led to awards as a top instructor both in Purdue’s College of Agriculture and the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.


“His lessons are some of the most creative and motivating I have seen in the past 30 years.”

Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Pittsburgh

“He brings a depth of understanding, a creativity, and an ability to deconstruct and differentiate instruction that is unusual in many veterans.  He has, quickly, become a valued member of City High’s 12th grade team.  He has been willing to engage in, and capable of adding to, conversations around curriculum, student achievement and, in particular, his first love, economics.”

Master Teacher of Mathematics, City Charter High School

“I observed some of the things that David used last summer with our AGEC 217 students.  It was wonderful to see how their interest in economics expanded as a result of the experimental experience.  They were able to see how their own responses were generating the results they had read about in the text book and seen in lecture.”

Department Head, Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

“Dave is an excellent instructor.  He is able to synthesize ideas well and can simplify explanations into layman’s terms when needed.  Way to go Dave!”

Undergraduate Student, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

“I am writing this letter not as an opportunity to hopefully get a better grade but, to give you a sincere thank you. Yes it is true that most of the material that we covered in class was difficult however, it was from your enthusiasm and passion that you have for the subject matter that inspired me to work hard. You are the first professor that I have ever seen with such pride and happiness in what they do and I can say that it makes for a great learning environment. Also the ways in which you craftily related the class material to us, the students, with current trends and topics made for not only an easier understanding but, interesting and fun experience as well. It was my pleasure to have been one of your students.”

Undergraduate Student, Agricultural Economics, Purdue University